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Using the Online Quote Tool

Our online Quote Tool is design to give you an rough idea of the cost to refinish your kitchen

The first step is to measure the height of your upper cabinet doors. There are typically 3 sizes - 30". 36" and 40" tall.

Next Count the number of upper cabinet doors. It does not matter if they have glass inserts or not. (brown)

Next count the number of lower cabinet doors. (purple)

Next count the number of drawers. (pink)

Lastly count the number of exposed sides. These are areas that will require on site spray painting too. (Yellow)

Also note whether you have crown moulding and valance.

With this info, SIGN UP to access the Online Quote Tool to generate a rough estimate.

Once you have filled in and submit the info. the estimate will appear on the next screen and also emailed to you.

Please note this is a rough estimate and we will still require to visit your home to finalize the quote.

You can book an appointment online or give us a call at (289) 628-1712

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